The Manna from Devon Treehouse

They have been using fire to cook at the Manna from Devon cookery school for almost 10 years.  During that time David and Holly have  come to realise just how much the subtle addition of smoke and fire can add to food.

David and Holly wanted to create a perfect space to hold some of their cookery classes and to use as a venue for private parties and dining, the twist is that they wanted this space to be a treehouse, built on their existing deck, a treehouse which could be snug during the winter months but open and airy during the summer.

They approached Piers to turn the concept into a reality. Piers designed and built the Manna from Devon treehouse over  three months. He used lots  of recycled timber including 7.5 meter telegraph poles.  Much of the design was “on the hoof” , with lots of detailed problem solving as you would expect for such a project.

There is the simple approach to the Fire Feasts at Manna from Devon; a celebration of good food, traditionally prepared and cooked. Pier’s design perfectly complements this philosophy.

The Manna from Devon Treehouse is now open for business.

Manna from Devon

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